Filter data by orderdatetime

Dear All,

I want to filter the data by date, can you give an example

Hi Hothorasman,

When you open the aggregate editor, you see 4 menu options on top: Sources, Filters, Sorting and Test Values.

When you click the Sorting option, you get a screen where you can add the fields on which you want to sort your data.

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Remco Dekkinga

Hello Hothorasman,

Did you follow the OutSystems training videos? Filtering by any column in an Aggregate is pretty basic, so either I don't understand your question, or you should first watch the training material, make the training excersizes etc. to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of the OutSystems Platform.

Hi Hothorasman,

Did you have a look at the Sort Results in an Aggregate page of the documentation?
It's fairly easy to do. You can right-click on the OrderDateTime column at sort by A-Z or Z-A.

Another great way to learn OutSystems is to have a look at the Online developer courses that are available.

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Martijn Habraken

You can try a filter like 

DateToText(OrderDateTime) like "2017-11-03%"

with the date to be filtered set in a variable

Or add an extra attribute in your entity with only the date in it. 

Hope this helps.