Hi all,

Just a curiosity question for Outsystems folks to answer.

What is the nomenclature Outsystems is using for the release notes bug fixing codes?


Platform Server 10.0.708.0

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue when deploying multi-tenant modules for scenarios having a large number of tenants and entities with a large number of attributes. (RPD-2496)

I guess RDP-2496 is the code for the fix, since the support case number that generated that fix has a code of its own.

I'd like to klnow more about the "RDP" part. And why other fixes have different prefixes., like "RLIT" or "RAFT". What is this nomenclature.

And another question: Couldn't we check the support case that generated that fix (even if we could only see our own)? 


Its from the different teams.

Like feature team, bug fixing team etc..