Set timer schedule to a specific date


I was wondering if there is a way to set a timer schedule to a specific date of the year?
For instance, I want to set a timer to run in the November 1st. But next year I might want to run it on the 15th October.

I'm thinking of this solution:
- create a Site Property with the date I want the timer to run
- set a timer to run every day and test if today is the day that the timer should run. If so, execute an action. If not, it does nothing.

This looks like the proper solution, but I woudn't like to have another timer running every day just to check this (as I already have a bunch of timers running every day).

Is there a simpler way to set a timer to be awakened at day X?
Ricardo Matos
Hello Ricardo,

You could use the platform's system tables to set the Next_Run of a specific timer.

1. Go to Add/Remove References
2. Select the producer (System)
3. Add the Meta_Cyclic_Job and Cyclic_Job entities
4. Back to your action flow, you can use a Simple Query to select from these tables, passing your application TenantId and the timer name as an input parameter
5. Update the Next_Run field from the Cyclic_Job

I don't know if this is the best way, but it works... It would be nice to have the ability to call a WakeMyTimer action passing the Next_Run as an input parameter. If no parameter was passed, it would run immediately, as it does now.

Hope this helps.
Best regards,
Hello Sousa
Can you give me a sample application for set the Next_run of a specific timer

thank you very much!!
This is a Action we use to start a Timer at a specific datetime (or Run now).

Thank you!
It's very perfect