VPN connection to from on-premise production to Outsystems

We currently have a VPN configured from our data center to our Outsystems development and QA environments.

Now we want to host our production environment on-premise.  We have configured this production environment with assistance from Outsystems.

Now I am told I need another VPN connection so out on-premise production environment can talk to the Outsystems QA cloud environment, so we can promote forward.

Is this true? Do I need another VPN connect when I already have one?

Also, do I need a certificate when my current applications are not public facing?

Thank you.

Hello Larry,

In the case that your on-premises Production environment is not publicly available (is only accessible through a private network) it will be indeed necessary to also set up this private channel between QA and Production. 

Although you already have a VPN set for the QA environment, it might not contain in its range the IP address of the on-premises Production environment.

In regards to the certificate, to allow the secure access to your applications it will also be necessary to have it installed in Production.

In case that you need any further information regarding this topic, I'd like to suggest you to open a case with the OutSystems Support through our Support Portal.