[Aspose Words] Comma’s in values from our database are merged into the Word document as §.

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Published on 2018-10-26 by Paulo Garrudo
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Published on 2018-10-26 by Paulo Garrudo


We discovered an issue with this extension and also found the solution.


Comma’s in values form our database are merged into the Word document as §.


In the outsystems action logic for DocMailMerge the list of supplied keyword/value pairs are concatenated into two comma delimited text string with all keywords and values before they are passed to the aspose extension .net or java logic. During this concatenation all commas in the values are replaced with a § (ascii 21) character to avoid incorrect splitting of the keyword/value strings in the extension.

In the .net logic where the strings are split into logical key/value pairs the § character should to be replaced back into the comma. However it does not due to a faulty character definition for ESCAPE CHAR.


Go to the .net source file AsposeWords.cs of the extension and replace ? with § in the following line

public static String ESCAPE_CHAR = " ?";

Should be

public static String ESCAPE_CHAR = "§";

Save the change and Publish the extension including all it's consumers. After this the issue should be resolved.