A time lag on calling Wake Timer action.

I am using Personal Environment.

I noticed that there are time lags after calling Wake Timer action.
When my screen action calls my Wake Timer action, the called action actually starts after 5-20 seconds later.  

Why this time lags?
Is there a way to reduce the lags and to start as immediate as possible?


Hello Takasi,

I think there is not much you can do to improve this.

The scheduler service will awake every 20 seconds to see if there are timers to run, and will run (by default) only 3 timers at the same time.
You can set the priority of the timer so that it can be executed first, in case you have many timers running at the same time, but that's it.

The idea of the timers is really that: being executed when there is the possibility to do so, because they will execute code that is not meant to run "immediately", or that the user does not need the results "immediately".

The server usually also gives priority to user processes over the timers, so for enterprise installations is recommended that the timers run on their own server depending on the context.


Eduardo Jauch


Hello, Eduardo.

Your explanation was very helpful for me.

Using Process instead of Timer, the time lag was reduced to a only few seconds. So I will use Process for my current creating.

Thank you very much!

Neither processes nor timers are designed for real time processing. The processes poll runs every 50 - 100 ms, so that's really the best average "start time" you can get.


Hi Eduardo.

Your explanation was helpful not just for Takasi but me too.

Thank a ton!

Hello, Justin.

The additional information about processes you provided was also very helpful for me.
My current system fortunately allows a few seconds delay. So I intend to use processes in this case.

Thank you very much.