REST API consumption error - Requested resource is not available

Hi Team,

I have REST URL from web service team to consume but when I try to consume this, it gives me error that 'The Requested resource is not available.'

web service team says that it works fine at their side. So what I am doing wrong at my side? I am providing all the inputs and headers properly while consuming.

What information I will need from web service team to consume it properly or what should I tell them so that I can consume?

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

What kind of method are you using?
This usually indicates a wrong url or method. But atleast the endpoint is available or else you wouldn't be able to get such a response at all.

Hi Claring,

Thanks for the reply. I am using GET method for this and everything is available.


Team I have updates for this.

This REST API is token based API and while consuming it, in one of the parameter I was giving the token which is already expired. Token is valid for 12 hours. REST team generated new token for me. Now I am able to access this.

By the way people should have look at Box Connector and JIRA Connector from the forge to consume such APIs.