HI All,

I am trying to find out if anyone has integrated the Outsystems Platform with the CloudBolt (www.cloudbolt.io ) which is a Hybrid Cloud infrastructure management tools that allows you to manage your inventory of virtual machines/storage across Private/Public and on premises.  This seems to be a great fit between the two products so if there is anyone that can assist it would be appreciated.


Sandy purbrick


Hello Sandy,

If this is done, you could search the forge if there is a component for it:

Couldn't found anything so don't think so. You can be the first? (-:

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HI Evert,

Ya I searched Forged first and there is nothing! Do you know Cloud Bolt?

'It is a tool to manage the a corporate's virtual Machines across a hybrid environment. Cloud Bolt in turn is integrated into orchestration engines like Puppet and Chef  and managers them. With integration between Cloud Bolt and Outsystems you will be able to automate the full dev ops environment hence I was hoping some one in the community had done this integration. 

I am not a developer nor do I control resources to do this integration so I can't make it happen till I can find a commercial opportunity 

Thank you for your feed back

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Hi Sandy,

It sounds like a good option. Who knows what the future will bring. If I see something passing by I will check if I can find this thread again.

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Great! TX