This is the second time I notice this, and I'm curious to see if someone can help me understand this behavior.

On two clients, when they use Service Studio, everything works normal, except by the web screens.
When someone tries to open a Web Screen, it takes up to 10 seconds to the screen appear. After that, you can work without problem in the screen. 

This happens to every screen, everytime you open them.

I'm pretty sure that this is related to some network security rule, but I would like to understand what is the different, in Service Studio, to open a screen from the rest.

Is it looking for something in the server that it doesn't when opening other things (like actions and aggregates)?

Is it doing the same thing, but using a different port or any kind of certificate that can be causing problems?

It is not a network velocity problem, as network runs perfectly well, nor a server problem, as I can reach the server outside and everything runs ok. 

What do you think is this problem?

Eduardo Jauch

Is one of them behind a proxy?

Is the proxy configured in any of the Studio's?

Hi João,

Yes, they are. But even configuring the proxy (and after restarting the machine), the lag still happen.

hi Jauch,

If the network is Okay then the trouble could be in the computer itself:

Are they use the same computer specifications  (Memory size, CPU speed, etc)?

Are there applications (process) that may consumes huge resources in that trouble computer?



Hello I Box,

I didn't say the network is "ok", I said that the network velocity is ok ;)

They are behind a Proxy, but the configuration in Service Center (Use Proxy Settings + UserName + Password) didn't changed the fact that open a screen in Service Studio takes up to 10 seconds.

The computers, on the other hand, are ok. Outside the network, Service Studio works without this lag, in the same computers.

It is definetely something in the network (not velocity), but I can't figure what it is (I'm not really a network guy).

But if someone knows what happens when you try to open a screen like, there is any contact with the server? Any special port? etc., then we'll be able to find the problem and solve it.

Eduardo Jauch 

Hi Eduardo,

I know if you access resources from within the CSS definition (background images, fonts, that sort of thing) it will contact the server to fetch them... could this be the case?

Hi Jorge.

It can be this, and this makes sense, as we noticed yesterday that sometimes on dealing with the screen in Service Studio, the web screen loses all styling.

The question that remains is what different Service Studio is doing when contacting the server, as the application itself does not have this lag when being used directly from the browser.

Would be something related to the fact that it is not the browser itself? Something related to permissions or validation required, that the browser does not need or it is already set in the network?

Or is Service Studio using some different port or protocol to fetch those resources? Maybe it is using a web service to fetch the resources?


Eduardo Jauch

I am experiencing the same issue. Seems like Service Studio is fetching the latest CSS (and any external linking elements) when you open a Web Screen.

The Issue goes away if your PC is disconnected from the network but this obviously isn't a solution when developing with OutSystems. It's quite annoying as you continuously switch between actions and web screen and it takes up to 20 seconds for the screen to fully load.

@Eduardo (or anyone), did you find a solution to this?

We experience this same issue at the company we work. It certainly has something to do with the fact that we go through a proxy. Even from home (connecting to our network by VPN) this doesn't happen.

If someone finds a solution to this matter, please share.


Adérito Angelino

Have you tried using Fiddler or a full packet capture tool to diagnose the actual behavior under the hood? Those things are invaluable when trying to understand stuff like this.