Bug Tablet Theme Sidebar DropDown 

Bug Tablet Theme Sidebar DropDown 


Hi All, 

For a customer we need to built a Tablet app, so we decided to use the Tablet theme. 

when using the Tablet template, a dropdown in the sidebar doesn't work. 

in attachment an example,  i have the same example done with Base Theme or Phone theme, there it works as expected. 

when inspecting the element in tablet theme, we see that the list of elements is not always populate and if populated, the itemlist is way to the left. (750 px). 


Paul G. 

This is a working example based on phone theme.


Adding the follow css wil fix the issue until its fixed by OutSytems.

[data-dropdown] > div.dropdown-list{
position: relative;
left: 0px !important;
top: 0px !important;