I'm using the jtree.oml , and i want the link to open in a iframe.

I'm using the iframe like in the enterprise with the 2 variables IFrameURL and InFrame.

I think that i have to use a javascript command in the url variable of the tree structure, but i'm not sure.

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Thank you
Hi Pedro,

You have 2 options, if you want to open all the links in the same target frame:
- Drag an Expression widget to the screen that has the tree
- Put its expression property "<base target='frameName'>"
- Set the property Escape Content to false
If each link should open in a different frame then you'll have to modify jtree.oml itself, modifying the tree structure to have also a target property and to insert that target in the A tags created by the tree.

Hope this helps,
Tiago Simões
It worked perfectly, thank you :D