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if we assign "form widget" source to preparation's aggregate output and trying to change one of the form input widget bound variable from assign widget in preparation , then it is not reflected in the screen? Why? When we take local variable and assign it in preparation and bound this local variable to the same input widget which is in the form , then it started reflecting back the assigned value? i don't understand why it is not reflecting back when we bound input widget variable to 

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Hi Lovish.

What happens is that after the preparation, when the server starts to build the page to send back to the browser, when it reachs the Form and starts to build it, the form will get the data from the source, and replace the info you previously set in the assign in preparation.

If you want to provide a different value from the one that came in the source, in the preparation, you need to change the source. Example: Set the value of the field in the current of the aggregate list, and form will use it.

This is for when the page is first rendered after a request from the browser. In a submit (from link or button in the page itself) the assign to the form will work, as the form will not get data from the source again.


Eduardo Jauch

Hi Lovish,

Do you need any further explanation on this topic?

Eduardo Jauch