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Published on 8 Feb (11 days ago) by Infosistema Solutions
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Published on 8 Feb (11 days ago) by Infosistema Solutions


I've just installed the DMM (Infosistema DMM) application and now I'm trying to run some tests. I've created a (very) simple application with one module and two entities (some kind of master-detail). Then, I've deployed it to the target environment.

I've configured both Source and Destination DBs (I can browse both of them). But when trying to launch migration I get an error:

Could not find a part of the path 'C:\InfosistemaDMM\ExecutionLogs\20171127134049_OSUSR_obu_MyEntity.1.sql'.

I presume that it is due to some missing permissions. But whom should I grant these permissions?



Hello Tomasz,

That's a known issue on the current DMM version, we'll be releasing a new version shortly to address it.

If you have access to the server where you've installed DMM you can fix this issue in one of two ways:

Either you create a folder named "C:\InfosistemaDMM" and grant read/write access to the IIS user on that folder

Or you navigate to DMM settings folder, at:

C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Platform Server\InfosistemaDMM\

And edit the settings.json file so the LogFolder Path is empty or maps to an existing folder where IIS can read/write

Please let me known if you have any other issue regarding DMM

Best regards



No, I have no other issue - but it is a real stopper: the server, on which DMM is installed, is in the Amazon's cloud so I have no direct access to it. I'm waiting for the new version.