Edit a docx Online and download it


I'm facing an issue, I need to create a site that read a .docx file from a database, edit it online and after download it. I already used OfficeUtil and CKEditor  and anothers components. 

And all they convert the text to HTML, but how do I convert HTML to docx, and docx to HTML?

How do I develop this ?

And my environment is exclusively in java.


Hi José,

You are facing an issue for sure, as this is not possible unless you are called Microsoft and have the Office 365 web team to your disposal :). You'll have to convince your client this cannot be done, and point them in the direction of Office 365 or Google docs or the like instead.

But is there no way to do a convert? Or something similar ?. 

In the CKEditor, we have an input that converts text to HTML. I'm looking for some component that does the same. For exemple, it read a docx file, converts to html (or something that the OS read), edit and convert again to doc.

I'm searching ways to do that, but is really hard, the most components in Forge, is in .NET...

Can anyone help me ?


Really, let it go. A .docx file is very, very complex, there's no simple converting it to HTML, or back.