Mobile App - Creating Application Exercise - Manage Dependencies

Hi there!

I am wondering how the manage dependencies works when the to_do application call the function getAppName() in another application to_do_core.

My questions are:

1. How does manage-dependencies work?

2. Does it effect on performance issue? [compare it i put the function in the to_do itself, not in the to_do_core]




1. When generating source code, it get logic flow from to_do_core, and generating source code in to_do module

2. Source codes are generated on to_do module, I think there is no source code generated on to_do_core. So it has no effect on performance.

Try to change and publish function getAppName in to_do_core module alone, it will not affecting to_do module output.

Only when you (re)publish to_do module, the output changed.