Mobile Application - hybrid or native

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I am a newbie to mobile application.

I am wondering when outsystems mobile application is generated into apk, does it is translated into native language (java for Android, objective C for IOs) or it is still a web application with native capabilities-cordova?

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The Outsystems is working with Cordova, it does not translated into native language.

See it:



OutSystems offers three ways to develop mobile applications:

  • Build a mobile app: These are applications that users install on their phones, have access to the device’s sensors, can work offline, and have a UX designed for a native experience.

  • Build a responsive web app: These are applications that users can access from their mobile browsers without installation and that use web responsive technologies to automatically adapt to multiple devices and browsers.

  • Build only your mobile backend: Use OutSystems as the backend for your custom-built native mobile app, using traditional tools such as XCode, Android Studio, or Visual Studio and respective native languages.

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Hope it clarifies your doubts.

Thank you Sirs,

So can i conclude that (correct me if wrong, thank you):

Outsystems Mobile application is a network application  (to distinguish it with web application) where all its code is developed using "HTML 5" which capabilities like native application (using cordova to access camera, appbrowser, etc):

- the code is generated and run in the client (mobile device - handphone, etc) something like client.exe in network programming 

- that can access all local resources (camera, contact, etc) using cordova, all remote Outsystems resources by using https protocol if it is done via server action (in this case.. does it require web server?) or communicate using different protocol if it use client action? 

- it can also access the remote resource from other (outside outsystems platform) by using javascript action - to call web service (by using server action) or by using client action (something like ajax?)

From developer view, it is a client program developped using web tools (the flow will be like web, use javascript for action, css for window dressing) and it can be a standalone program or  a network program. Does it correct?

I am still confused the way that mobile app communicate with outsystems platform. As it use javascript, does it need web server or application server to communicate? Can it be viewed as a client program that can communicate using any protocoll? Thank you.