Refresh dependencies automatically


I wish to know if it is possible to refresh dependencies automatically. Because I have an entity that is updated every day. Yesterday, it was added a column and I'ld want to know if there is somehow to make this, or if is impossible.


Hello José

I don't think this is possible. Also, is there a reason why the table is updates daily? The table's structure can be, obviously changed through time, but having constantly changing is not really a good practice



Hi José, 

Inside your module containing the tables, you can use the Module-> Download all Consumers, do the changes, and after that Refresh all open consumers.

All modules opened will be refresh with this new column. After that on the right order (First you core module (that one with table) and after that the others) publish them.

But first of all, check why your module has so many changes daily. It is not usual create entities or attributes every day. 

Best regards