Widget Library Bulk Select

Widget Library Bulk Select


I'm using WidgetLibrary 4.1.4 and had the need to have 2 buttons with diferent actions for the selected items on a table records.

When using the BulkSelect widget and put the 2 button ids on the argument "ButtonWidgetsList" it didn't worked. It only worked with 1 button id.

The only way I found to make it work for 2 buttons was putting the prefix "wt" in each id and don't put the ".Id".

If I'm doing something wrong please tell me.
Hi Pedro,

I believe you must use the Button1.Id + "," + Button2.Id syntax (separated by a single comma). If that is not working please submit an issue to support@outsystems.com.

Tiago Simões
It worked perfectly.

Thank you very much