Where is the Trigger that will update the app and show if it was successful or not?


I'm having some difficulties trying to discover where is the trigger that updates the app. In the icon on the widget tree is where we specify the messages for update or failed update. What I need is to know where this action is triggered because I want to do an action if it's successfully updated. I could do it in splash but if the update occurs while navigating on the app I lose context of my action. If someone could elucidate me I would appreciate.

Hello Gonçalo,

I'm pretty sure that this is not an "action", but it is part of the system itself.

So far, the only thing I found is that after an update, a message is shown, but it seems that you don't have access to this event.

A workaround (a poor one, I think), would be to have something in the update that can be veryfied client side, in the OnApplicationReady, that you could use to identify if the application was updated (I think the update happens prior to this event, but I'm not sure either).

Eduardo Jauch