refresh after file download


Is there anyone that can tell me how to automaticly refresh a page after i uploaded a file to a user?

Best Regards,

Michiel Runhardt
Hi Michiel,

It is not possible to refresh a page when the user download finishes, only when the download starts. Still this is not trivial.
It requires you to use javascript on the destination screen to simulate a click when the new page is loaded in the browser. This final click is done on a link or button that effectivelly downloads the file you want.

Let me know if it works for you,
Lúcio Ferrão
-you can create a java script action like this:
 function downloadFileIntervinients(){  
   var el = document.querySelector(".BtDownloadFileClass");;  

-in the ajax button, extended properties, add onclick  = "downloadFileIntervinients();"

-create an invisible submit button to run the code  to download file with the style "BtDownloadFileClass"