SQL AND ORACLE Simultaneously

SQL AND ORACLE Simultaneously


I Have my application in SQL and now I have one client with ORACLE DB.

What is the best way to do Advanced Queries work in both systems simultaneously? Exists any standard SQL code that works in both?

if not, how may I convert this queries to ORACLE?

I try it with some software but it doesn't recognize the { } needed in advanced queries tables...

Hi Diogo,

You can use SQLMap (http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkForums/viewtopic.aspx?TopicId=2943) to convert the advanced query sql to normal sql (withouth the {) and then use the software you found to perform the analysis).

Hope this helps, Cheers,
Hi André. Thanks for explanation.

but I still have a problem. when I Clone my espace all queries will stop working because they have the table name as bk3u.staff...

And then In advanced query what you suggest. it receive an argument with the expression in SQL or ORACLE?
if I do that I can´t test the queries no more...

there is no more ways to use the both DBs?