I'm working on Assignment 7 of the Movies Assignment.

I am having an issue with displaying the list of available sessions on the Buy Ticket screen. When i click the Buy Ticket button on the MovieDetail page and it navigates to the Buy Ticket screen, the list container doesn't appear.

All the logic seems to be in place when i compare it to a working example. What am i missing in the workflow?

Hello Adam,

Perhaps you need to insert a 'list item' inside the 'list list group' in order to display your data.

Best Regards

Hello Paulo,

This did not work and is not in line with the attached example i'm working from (Movies_DG)

Please see my original post for the Movies_AM.oml file i'm trying to get to work.

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Hi Adam, 

I see a couple problems right away:

--> The If Condition on the MovieDetail page should be   CinemaId = NullIdentifier()
--> The OnClick Event of the Watch this Movie Button, its Destination should be "MainFlow\Cinemas", and you should be passing the MovieId parameter to that page.

What was happening was that you always saw the Buy Ticket button without choosing a Cinema, as you're supposed to.

You will only have Sessions when you have selected both the Movie and the Cinema


Thank you so much - kept overlooking this! working now :)