Deployment failed due to incompatible module, incompatible extension structure


I have a shared application and extension in used by few applications together.
Recently i updated extension from forge and tried deploy the application and it gave error below, due to my extension structure and methods in testing environment (has customized method and structure previously) is different with development environment (new upgrade version).

Module 'WilmarSNDPalm' from 'Wilmar SND Palm' is incompatible with module 'OfficeUtils' from 'OfficeUtils' (because Structure 'ExcelCellStyle' is incompatible)

May i know how can i solve this issue? And what is the best practice to deploy a shared application or extension? Should i deploy the shared application and extension first before i deploy all other applications that have dependency to it? Or i MUST deploy it along with other applications that using the same extension?
My problem is i only need deploy one of the applications to production, doesn't really need deploy all of them, can it be done?

Hello Wei,

If you upgrade an extension, that changes the contract (API). You need to upgrade every application that needs that API.

Otherwise, you will not be able to publish the application you want, or will break other applications that use the API.

As far as I know :)


Eduardo Jauch