Re : Use SAP as an external database


Is it possible to use SAP as an external database (not import entities) to our Outsystems application?
We have an application that runs in an Outsystems plataform, which we use to manage energy production. There is some information related with commercial things that reside in SAP but that we need to see and do some queries (not update) in our application. We don’t want to duplicate tables between systems (databases) but use something like extensions to access SAP BAPIs. We use that already to get few fields and to update one field in SAP, but now we want use that (or other mechanism) to manage tables with hundred fields and with many registers. Is it possible? Queries will stay to slow?

Hi Isabel,

Integration with SAP can indeed pose some serious challenges (e.g.performance, security...) and that is why we have created the OutSystems Transparency Services for SAP which will allow you to create applications with SAP data as if the tables were OutSystems tables. These Transparency Services are the perfect solution for the problems you are describing, so if you want to know more about them just send an email now to

Tiago Simões