Hi Guys,

Am using Bar Graph control and not able to display tool tip value of graph on Mobile App, onclick of the graph value.

But, I can able to display the same on web application.

Advance thanks for your help!!!

Hi Deepak,

You're giving us not enough information to go about. What exactly do you do to display the tooltip? What do you do to (try to) display the tooltip? What if any are the differences between your Mobile and Web implementations?

Hi Kilian,

Implementation in web and mobile are same. I try to display the String value on tooltip. 

In web its display as i expect but on Mobile its display only the value.

Please find the attached screenshot.

Well, judging the screen shot I'd say the tooltip code is just not picked up on mobile. Did you try the debug chart to fiddle with the advanced JSON?

Yes, tried with the following code,but its showing only the last record in the tooltip.

" yAxis: {
minorTickInterval: 1,
tickInterval: 1,
max: "+ GetDataForGraph.MaxCount +" ,
min: 0 },
tooltip: { enabled: true,
formatter: function() {
        return ' " + GetDataForGraph.DataPoints.Current.Tooltip + " ' }
} "


Hi Deepak,

You are using GetDataForGraph.DataPoints.Current, but that is the current record at the time you apply the formatting. It is not the format during display of the chart. This can't work, neither on mobile nor on web.

Yes, can you guide me how to debug this issue?

There's nothing to debug here, your code is wrong. You cannot use the Current of a list like this. You need to use the chart object instead, e.g. using this.series.name, this.series.y etc. Please check the Highcharts website for details.

I've just tried this with the sample OutSystems ToDo Tutorial App I built.  I can't see that the AdvancedFormat is working in either Mobile or Web.  I'm not sure if I have it put together correctly as there is no doc on this.  I've looked at the HighCharts doc... but there is no correlation between it and its use in OS.  I found a Forum post that detailed it's use... but it's not working for me.

This is the AdvancedFormat_Init I used in both Mobile and Web... but no effect on the chart...

Then I filled in the Charts properties Tooltip and Color for both Web and Mobile.  Tooltip I set to " my Tool Tip" and Color I set to "Red".

In Web, both properties came through... the bars are red and when I hover over a bar the tool tip pops up and reads "my Tool Tip".

In Mobile, the bar color changed to red, but when I tap on a bar I get the Label Name and the Value... E.g. Groceries: 1

Not sure what else to try.