Dynamically add and delete tabs

Are there any tab components similar to RichWidgets\Tabs_ClientSide that allows us to dynamically add and delete tabs for Outsystems Web Application? For our example, we have the "user list" tab. When a user row is clicked, a new "user detail" tab will be opened. Some tabs like the user detail must be closable with an X button on the tab similar to those in web browsers. 

So far we have tried the following: 

 - Have a Deletable, TabName, TabURL record list stored in session variables and create a tab web block that fetch the data from this variable. To add or delete new tabs is to modify this list directly. When a user click on a new tab, they will be navigated to a new tab based on TabURL. It doesn't work in our cases however, since navigating to a new tab must not refresh the page 

 - Create a tab webblock that stores Deletable, TabName, TabType record list, TabType is a static entity and each element in the list will render different block based on our TabType, (i.e. TabType 0 = user list block, TabType 1 = user detail block). This method doesn't fit well for us, since we intend to use this tab for several more blocks. There are also complications when passing parameters to the inner block (i.e. userId for user detail block). Is it possible to store the entire webblock on the record list instead of the type?

If this pattern is not available, any alternatives method to tabs are welcomed.

Thank you

Hi Teeraporn,

There are another Tab in SilkUI but there are no way to generate tabs dynamically you need to define all(maximum) tabs and put tabs into if condition as per your logic to how many tabs you want to show.



Hi Shashi kant Shukla

     thank you