Clearing Local Storage not release phone storage data

Hi all, 

I create a mobile application (ios n android) to take a picture, store the picture binary in local storage, 

upload it to server, 

after uploaded the img to server, i will delete the local storage data, 

My question is, after i delete the local storage data, the application storage used in phone storage still the same, not reducing, 

is there anyway i release this storage in the phone?




Hi Ari,

To my knowledge you cannot release that storage. SQLite has a VACUUM command to do that, but there's no way to send commands to the local storage from OutSystems. However, the storage space left behind by the binary will be reused a next time (assuming the next image isn't larger), so it's not like the storage will endlessly increase.


Hi Kilian, 

i notice that as well, the data storage not decreasing after i delete the image binary from outsystems local storage, but when i try to add new image, the storage data not increasing, so that storage space will be reused.

thanks for the response n explaination.

i will leave it as it is then.

Yeah, that's best I guess.

It may be that the deleted data have not been completely deleted .