Found an odd behavior while doing the Movies project tutorial:

The BottomBar becomes hidden by the keyboard when using a text input after the app is reloaded in OutSystems Now.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Open an application (that contains a text input) in OutSystems Now

2. Tap an text input and confirm that the BottomBar rises and it's visible above the keyboard

3. Go back to the home screen but don't terminate the OutSystems Now app yet

4. Reload the app by tapping the OutSystems Now app in the home screen

5. Tap a text input to call the keyboard up. The BottomBar should no longer be visible

This is repeatable by terminating the OutSystems Now app and redoing the steps above.

This bug seems to be happening only when using OutSystems Now app but not when using a native build or when using the app switcher.

I've only tested this in Android so far. No idea if it's reproducible in iOS.