Can Lifetime installed on OS9.1 be used to deploy applications that run on OS10?


We are in the process of upgrading to OS10 and I would like to know if the OS version on the Lifetime server needs to be kept in sync with the version of the application servers. Can OS9.1 Lifetime be used to deploy applications that run under OS10? Or the other way around - can OS10 Lifetime be used to deploy applications that run under OS9.1?

Some more details about why we need this. Our environment looks like this: we have two dev-test-acceptance lanes (so that we can work for multiple versions in the same time) and now we want to upgrade from OS9.1 to OS10 in two phases. So we would like to have dev1->test1->acceptance1 with OS10 and dev2->test2->acceptance2 with OS9.1 for a time. Can a single Lifetime machine handle both versions?


Hi Coz,

Your use case is very awkward, I am almost sure that won't be possible to accomplish that with Lifetime.

Lifetime API's most probably will have breaking changes between that two versions OS9.1 and OS10.

Normally during the upgrade process, you would have a period of code freeze to avoid the scenario that you described.

Why not install a new lifetime environment to manage dev1->test1->acceptance1 with OS10 and keep the current one to manage dev2->test2->acceptance2 with OS9.1?

After all environments successfully upgrade to OS10 you can upgrade the lifetime that currently manages OS9.1 and then remove the other lifetime environment.

Hope it helps you.


In general, it's better to upgrade the Lifetime environment first. Lifetime is backward compatible so it can still promote applications between 9.1 environments and between 9.1 and 10 environments.


Thanks for your answers. In the end it worked to deploy an os10 app using lifetime 9.1.