Multi Select List Widget is not storing data after selecting from dropdown

I am using Multi Select List box widget(W) to show a drop-down and on clicking OK button after selecting required options it is directed to a ScreenAction (X). On initial page load W is populated according to the source list properly. When required options are selected from W and OK (ajax submit) is clicked, W is becoming empty in X.

Hello Raviteja,

What do you mean by "empty"? Is the list box items become unselected or it is really become "empty" (no items at all)?

Also, are you refreshing (ajax refresh) the List Box widget (directly or through another element where it is inside)?

The List Box widget when rendered, uses the Source to know its structure and copy the actual data (including the items that are selected).

So, if you are refreshing it, it will lose the actual values and will get those from the source again.

Eduardo Jauch

Hello Eduardo,

List box widget is becoming empty completely. I have 2 modules. I created an entity Org in Module-1, made it public and populated it with values. In Module-2 I created OrgSelect entity which has with only 2 attributes Id, IsSelected (Boolean). Id is of type Org Identifier. OrgSelect is empty. Now in Module-2 I created a homepage which has one list box (Destination: empty) along with a multi select widget and a button(Ajax submit, Destination: Screen-Action). Source of list box is 'Org with or without OrgSelect'. Now on page load the List Box Widget is showing the values according to the source correctly. When I select required items from drop-down and click on the button it is going into the Screen-Action where the List box widget is empty without any rows in it.

I am not refreshing it anywhere.

Hello Raviteja,

Just to be clear, we are talking about web, right? Because I don't know any standard list box widget in mobile, but in web we talk about combo box, not drop down.

In any case, what you are telling me is that you are looking to the values in the list of the list box, in debug right?

Are you using this list in the action? Because if you are not using it, the code will be optimized, and that list will not be available.

This is just a guess, of course. To really help you, we need to be aware of how you are doing things.

Can you provide a small OML showing this behaviour?


Eduardo Jauch