How to open new tab/window from server action


want to Open new tab after the popup  has closed 

my case like-

Screen where i have list record in list i have link buttons on it and i have Bind the URL in this links

when i click the link button popup will show i and will chose some parameter which i ll pass as query string in this URL , in popup i can select parameters after click on Add button of popup - pop will close and the parameter will add in URl on notify i used widget click for open new tab for new URL which is created after popup close, but its not working pls  anyone can suggest me how i can  do this 


Hello A.

If I remember well, WidgetClick does not work with link/buttons set to navigate.
In this case, you have two options.

1. Use a simple javascript (through RunJavaScript) in the form

"$('#" + + "').click();"

2. From the PopUp, Notify the parent screen and in the parent OnNotify navigate to the screen you want to navigate (using Destination or ExternalURL)

Hope this helps.

Eduardo Jauch 


Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for your Reply 

I had tried second one but in that case  External URl  its getting open in same window i want to open it new tab but its opening in only same window how i can do this  because there is no option for set target as _blank

Hi, A.

In the link/button's properties you can add to the "extended properties" the attribute target.
It will be add to the HTML element.

Eduardo Jauch

Hi A, 

an alternative solution is to open the link using javascript, not using the .click() option. Use the RunJavaScript action with the the following code: "'"+EncodeJavaScript(url)+"')"

Hope it helps.