Debug error - You are not allowed to join this debug session


I'm working on a environment where i can't debug because I always get the error message "You are not allowed to join this debug session". Anyone knows what can be causing this? The platform version is 10.0.303.0 and service studio version 10.0.715.0




I have the same problem, only the weird thing is that the problem only occurs on my acceptance environment. I do not have this problem on development and test. 

The platform version is 10.0.708.0 and the service studio version is also 10.0.715.0 but I recently updated service studio and I also had this problem with a previous version. 


Hello Marcelo and Erik,

The error you both have described seems to be an erratic behavior of the Service Studio Debugger.

There are some settings in your environment/infrastructure that can cause this behavior of the Service Studio Debugger (in .Net OutSystems Platform installations):

  1. The first one is if the server you are connecting through Service Studio is running a Web Garden in IIS (multiple worker processes for one Application Pool).
    If that is your indeed your case, you must turn off Web Garden in IIS by setting the number of Worker Processes per Application Pool to 1.

  2. If you are using a farm setup for your environment (multiple front-ends behind a load balancer), your load balancer must be set to redirect specific users to a front-end based on something immutable.
    It cannot be a session cookie (like it's usually done for runtime applications).

  3. Another cause, also related to IIS, is if you are experiencing Application Pool Recycling events while you are in the middle of a debugging session. If a request that is being debugged is interrupted because of such an event, it is unpredictable what may happen to the debug session.
    You can check if Recycling events are happening directly in the Windows Event Viewer logs of your Platform Server.
    One common cause of these events is a misconfigured set of Application Pool memory limits in IIS (with "maximum memory" settings too low).
    Please verify that these Application Pool settings follow the recommendations made in the OutSystems Platform Server Installation Checklist, under the sections named "Tuning Internet Information Services" (you can access the Installation Checklist by running the Platform Server .Net installer, even if you don't go through the full installation process).

  4. A more common cause for this Debugger behavior is if you have any anti-virus software or firewall on the workstation where you're trying to debug that might be blocking the communication with your server.

These causes can be found and are explained in more detail in this other Forum Post.

Please let me know if any of these causes apply to your current use case or not.

Thank you both!

Hi Ruben,

Thanks for the answer. Some of those options can be causing the problem in my case. I will check them and confirm if I can solve my problem.

Best Regards,