How to apply Settings and Configurations per module or app?

How to apply Settings and Configurations per module or app?


Is that possible to have settings and configurations per module or applications?

We have many modules within OS platform. 

For example some apps need ldap login and some apps don't.

Another example like login validity rules like 3x failed login will set users inactive. Some apps don't need this and some apps need customized rules.

To my knowledge...when we set this it is for everyone for every app.

How to deal with this?

Hello Eric,

To the extend of my knowledge, the LDAP configuration can be done in a User Provider and all the applications that use this user Provider (the default is Users) will have to use it.

But you can create other Users Providers and set different applications to use different Usesr Providers. This will allow your applications to use different methods of authentication.

Regarding the special rules of login, I think you will have use a different User Provider than the default (Users) and implement the login procedure yourself.

Eduardo Jauch

Hi thanks for replying...Yes that could be a solution but will also increase the license use since you duplicate Users provider.

I think OS should have capability to separate this setting specific for which app users need.

Hi Eric,

It is true. If you need to the same user to use applications that must authenticate with LDAP and others without it, this will cause the need to duplicate users.

If there is no idea regarding this, you could propose one.

Meanwhile, "maybe" you could also implement an External Authentication that could deal with this situation...Not sure if it is possible...

Eduardo Jauch