How to migrate from Oracle to SQL Server

I have an application with external database Oracle. Now, other client want to use SQL server. How to move it?

thank you.



Hi A,

What do you mean by "move it"? eSpaces themselves are database agnostic (apart from the "DBMS" property). The only thing you may run into is the IP (you can't just publish eSpaces created on one environment in another one).



Adding to Killian's answer.

1. Code. In theory (I'm not sure), you will have to import tables from the new external database and exchange all references in the code, from the old ones to the new ones.

2. Queries. You will have to test and guarantee that all the queries work with the new entities, as the SQL gives you the possibility to use specific database features.

3. External Database. Not sure, but probably there are apps out there to make this migration. Probably paid. If data is not important, you can simply recreate the entities/etc in the new database. Or you can dump structure and data as SQL script, fix if necessary, and run in the new database.

Other things to take into account are: Will be the application in the same server or it will be deployed to a different one? Are you working with multi tenant? Should the application in the same server being able to reach both SQL Server and Oracle? Etc.


Eduardo Jauch