I need some help with a Questionnaire and included questions

Hi all,

I am trying to make some questionnaires and include questions to it. 

I am doing this by having an entity Questionnaire - Join table - Question. 

I succeeded in adding a questionnaire and a question. 

The problem is that if I want to add a new question, it replaces the old question.

The oml is included. ( Question and QuestionDetails) 


Hi Hamudi,

As a general rule, you should use in your form, the result from an aggregate with only the Entity that you will be updating filtered by the Id that comes from the input parameter of the screen.

In you particular case, the main issue is that you are not filtering the aggregate GetQuestionById. Thus, it returns always the same record.




Thanks José,

I managed to add questions to question lists. 

Now I am trying to make a form with the questions and connect it to the answer entity.

How can I use the form to show the questions, because they aren't attributes. 

Hi Hamudi,

If Jose's answer helpd you solve the problem, mark it as the correct solution.
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Also, for the new question, open a new topic. This also helps ;)

Eduardo Jauch