[IdP] Passing the original URL

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Published on 16 Apr (8 days ago) by Telmo Martins
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Published on 16 Apr (8 days ago) by Telmo Martins

Is it possible to redirect back to the original URL.  We have an app coming in on a URL such as entry.com/app  the IDP is on IDP.com/Idp so when authentication is done it is redirecting back to idp.com rather than entry.com/app. 

Hi Paul,

Just call the action IdP_SSO_URL without set the OriginalURL input parameter and also clear (if set) the "Login Default URL" (can be found on IdP configuration under "SP Connector internal settings" tab.

This way above after a successful login the user/browser is redirected to the URL that originate the login request, ie, that require the login.


Hi Telmo,

I've made those changes and we are still be redirected to base url of the IDP?