Enable or Disable Button

What's the better way to enable or disable button based on another input value and without going to server?

I tried an boolean expression on Enabled property of button, but doesn't work. I want that property changing runtime without going to server.

Hi Willian,

You can use "RunJavascript" Action which outsystems provides with product. In side that you can write your own java script to enable and disable like below.


you can write java script where ever you want. Please check attached oml file to get more idea..

Syntax Code Snippet

$('#"+ button.Id+"').attr('disabled', true); // to disable
$('#"+ button.Id+"').attr('disabled', false); // to enable



Hi  willian,

                 You can write the java script in the extended property of of the button or use the run java script action.


Rajendra Singh