[HighChartsComponent] Drilldown on Highcharts

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Published on 2016-08-30 by J.
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Published on 2016-08-30 by J.

Dear Team

I am trying to implement drilldown on the high charts as discussed in the below example.


Could you please kindly let me know if the HighChartComponents support drilldown like above? If not could you please let me know what do you suggest to implement the drilldowns like this?

Is it possible to add the drilldown.js script on the JavaScript on the high chart simple?

Many Thanks


well, it's a library after all so nothing prevents you to drilldown on charts.

good luck!

Hi J

Many thanks for your instant reply, does it mean that I would able to drill down if use the highmap simple widget from Highcharts component? Please let me know.

Many Thanks



it's not built in so you probably have to tinker somehwat with jquery of course.