List within a List within a List Group for mobile application


I would like to check on how do I display a inner list within a outer list where the inner list must only contain data where the foreign key value matches the one inside the value of the entries in the outer list?

For example, the value of the first item in a List is:

Id = 1

AddOnNumber = 2

The list that is within this first item as mentioned above should contain these values (where the addonnumber of the inner list entries (there will be multiple entries containing the same addonnumber) should be 2):

id = 1

AddonName = "Something"

AddOnNumber = 2

and not 

Id = 2

AddonName = "SomethingElse"

AddOnNumber = 4

This must be doable for multiple entries in the outer list. For example, if the 2nd entry of the list contains the AddOnNumber 4, the list within must be able to display items that have the AddOnNumber 4 as well.

I have tried doing something like only display the AddOn for one item at a time by making a switch where a local variable would change to the AddOnNumber of the current entry in the outer list and filtering the addon databse to match the current addonnumber. But i feel that this isn't ideal and I would like to be able to display all the items and add ons within a single page without having to press a button. 

Thank you.


Hi Lindon,

One solution (maybe the best) to that is to put the the Inner list in a Block. That Block has an input parameter which is the AddonNumber.

Then, on your Screen, you have the outer list and in the Item of that list you insert the Block and pass it the AddonNumber as parameter.