[IMEI Plugin] IMEI Plugin is not available

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Published on 2018-01-12 by Pedro Domingues
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Published on 2018-01-12 by Pedro Domingues

Hi Pedro,

Thanks for making the Plugin a component.  I am however not having success in implementing the Plugin.  I am getting "Error code 2: IMEI Plugin is not available".  Would it be possible to attach a simple example to point out how this plugin is to be implemented.  Maybe a expression that shows the Success, error and message and the IMEI number?


Hello Tjaart.

Are you testing on Android or iOS?

I am testing on Android via OS Now


You can't.
OS Now does not work with other plugins than those in this list: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/10/Extensibility_and_Integration/Mobile_Plugins

To test your application, you will have to generate a development package and install on your mobile to test it.

Eduardo Jauch

Thanks Eduardo.

Also, i've changed the component in order to add the logic to require permissions for Android 6+ (a new dependecy was added to Android Permissions Plugin).

A new version is now available.

Thanks Pedro