Refreshing full Editable table on Delete of a Row

Hello all,

I am new to Outsystems and I am trying to implement an Editable table with a column that has the number of the line like the image below.

When I try to remove one line except the last one i am recalculating the "numero" column in a Server action and then I want to refresh the full table so that it shows the lines with the correct values on "numero" column.

But if I place a Ajax Refresh action inside the DeleteRow Action it throws a IndexOutOfRange Error. 

Is there a solution to refresh the full editable table or to make it refresh after DeleteRow Action ends?

I attached the oml with an example.


Hi Abilio,

I'm not sure why that index out of range happens, I think it shouldn't - perhaps a bug in the Platform. However, you could try two things:

  1. After refreshing GetApoios, rebind the query to the Editable Table (with an assign), or if that doesn't work;
  2. Do a RichWidget's Widget_Click and click a hidden button that triggers a screen action that performs the refresh.

Note that, no matter what succeeds, you will need to recalculate the order (and store it if needed), so the recalculation code must also be called.


Hi Kilian,

Thanks for your reply. I will try those options and see if they work.

Abilio Matos

Ok, let us know whether it worked :).

Hi Kilian,

The second option worked. 

But I think the Editable table should have option to choose between line refresh or refresh the entire table.


Abílio Matos

Ok, good to hear you got it working. And I agree with you there should be a more sane way to do this.