Generating and Distributing an app for iPhone

We have a client who would like a mobile app for his iPhone, but is not yet in a position to give a tight specification.  To help tighten things down, we have developed a demo which is not much more than a series of screens, to give the right look and feel, but not much in the way of content.  He needs to be able to demonstrate this to his father on his iPhone, so we need to generate the Native Apple App.  We have an Apple Developer Certificate, but are having a real problem with the provisioning profile, as none of the profiles permitted by the system matches our need to get this on to the clients' phones (the system runs great on Android!).  For one thing, Apple likes you to use a Mac to get your provisioning - we don't have any!

Does anyone know a way around such a dilemma please - oh, and our client flies out Saturday 13th at 1pm UK time!

Thank you


Hi Graham,

If you only need it for test/development purposes on a device, you don't need an Apple computer. What you do need is the UDID ( of each device you want to run the app on.

The UDID needs to be registered via the Apple Developers account website. I hope you allready have an Apple Developers account in place, because otherwise you won't be able to create the necessary files.

The UDID must be in the provisioningprofile, otherwise the app won't install and run. 

I know, it's quite a tough proces you have to go through.

Have a look here:

Generate and Distribute Your Mobile App for Development Tests

For some explaining and links.



Many thanks, Menno, that's very kind of you!


Just putting this up for any future viewers:  the solution was a workaround:  get the iPhone users to download the Outsystems Now app to their iPhones from the Apple Store, and then point that Outsystems Now app to our Android generation of the same app.  It runs beautifully, and fulfills the requirement of enabling the client to see how things will appear on an iPhone, and hence to help him tie down his specification (a very iterative process!) without involving any Apple licence and Apple Developer and Apple provision profile issues.


Hi Graham,

Nice workaround. Note that there are plugins the might not run with Outsystems Now. See this list:

What Are the Supported Plugins Provided by OutSystems

That's really helpful, Menno - thank you very much for catching it!