[CKEditor] Resize images is not working in chrome

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Published on 12 Apr (13 days ago) by Carlos Henriques
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Published on 12 Apr (13 days ago) by Carlos Henriques


I am uploading some images in CK Editor. While I do this in IE, I can resize images by dragging on the corners but same doesn't work on other browsers. What settings I need to do so that I can resize images on other browsers as well. 

Note: We can resize images by double clicking on it and providing dimensions but we want only by dragging.

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Suraj Borade


In addiyion to Suraj's message, Copy & Paste image is another requirement. Rather than uploading an image, user may copy and paste an image into the editor. Based on our tests, it is only doable in IE. 

Any comments? 

P.S: I can copy and paste image and resize it in this editor? What is the editor OutSystems using for discussions? 


The solution of resizing images on Chrome by dragging:

Firstly download the dragresize plugin on GitHub. Unzip and import plugin.js and _source.css files as resources in Service Studio. 

Then, set both of these files like this in CKEditor module:

After that, you need to add new line to config.js for activating the dragresize plugin. You can find config.js under resources in data tab.

The config.js should be like this:

After changing config.js, the dragresize plugin should work. 

Note: Try to clear cached files on Chrome if there is no change