How to read files from local directory?

Hi there,

Well, I need to upload a lot of files from a hard drive to my environment. I already used a FileSystem compontent from Forge, but I can't even create a folder. I create the folder using Outsystems, but when i go to check, it isn't created. 

Below i used a Directory_exists function,  the folder exists in the indicated path, but the message is "false"

What am i doing wrong? 

Is there another component that i could use ?


Hi Henrique,

You must keep in mind that an OutSystems web application runs on a web server, possibly in the cloud, and as such has only access to folders on the web server. There is of course no way for a server that for all we know runs somewhere on the other side of the world to access what is on your local computer (and thank goodness for that!).

So it depends on your usecase how to handle this, but also keep in mind that if "your environment" is a personal environment in the cloud, that you have limited storage available. You may be better off putting the files on a Google Drive or OneDrive or the like, and use a Forge component to access that.