Mobile App could not be installed on certain Android phones

Hi All

We developed an inhouse mobile app on Outsystems 10 that can be used on both IOS and Android phones. However, we do not seem to be able to install the app on all android phones. We had a problem installing the app on both android versions 4.3 (refuse to install) and 5 and higher (install but do not run). The devices were secured, same as the devices where it could be installed and run.

Did any one else encounter this problem and what was the solution?

Best Regards

Anneliese Scheurkogel

Hi Anneliese,

Mobile apps developed with OutSystems only run on Android from version 4.4 and up, so them refusing to install on 4.3 is expected (see here, scroll to the bottom, "Mobile Apps").

As for "install but do not run", what do you mean by "do not run"? Do you see some errors on the device itself? Or just nothing happens when starting them? Have you checked the error logging in Service Center to see whether there's an error there?