[BringToFront Plugin] Getting error:

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Published on 2016-12-22 by César Afonso
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Published on 2016-12-22 by César Afonso

I'm trying to use this plugin to bring to front an application when it receives a push notification from Pushwoosh.  In the "OnReady" event, I inserted the plugin just ahead of playing a sound to alert the user.  When the plugin executes, it is failing with this error message displaying on the Android device:
              windows.plugins.bringtofront is not a function

How can I correct this issue?  Thank you. 

Hello JM.

Seems like your plugin is not being included when you generate the app. Can you try a simple test to check this?

  1. Create a button and, in the OnClick event action, add a call to CheckBackToFrontPlugin action;
  2. Add a feedback message that displays the result of the CheckBackToFrontPlugin call;
  3. Publish and open the app. Click the button and check the result;

If the result is false, that means the plugin is not being included in your app (re-generate the app?)


  • You can also check if it's working by adding a Javascript node to the click of the button with the following code. Then open the app, click the button and send it to background: 
    • setTimeout(function(){ $actions.BringToFront() }, 6000);