List all methods from Webservices

List all methods from Webservices


Its possible to get all methods from all webservices from a OML ?

i'm trying to export to a excel a list of all webservices that was created in the oml file.

thanks in advanced..

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Bruno Rebelo
Hi Bruno,

You do not have that information available, although you can check in Service Center (Edit the eSpace, go to tab "Web Services") the list of web services your eSpace(s) exposes.

Next, if you click on the web service link (same as http://<my_server>/<my_espace>/<my_web_service>.asmx) you can get the list of web-methods for that web-service. You can copy this information into you Excel sheet.

If you really need to get the web-methods list programmatically, there is a way to get eSpaces web-services list, and using an API from .Net you can extract web-methods from the WSDL (http://<my_server>/<my_espace>/<my_web_service>.asmx?wsdl), but is not very easy to do.


João Portela