List of Web and Mobile Screens

Hello everyone.

I need to get the list of all screens, web and mobile, by eSpace.

I am using the OSSYS_ESPACE_SCREEN table, but it only contains the web screens.

Does anyone know if exists a table that contains the mobile screens?

Thanks in advance.


The OSSYS_ESPACE_SCREEN is not a public API, so I guess you are lucky enough to have it :)

I don't know if there's a table with mobile screens. But my guess is that there isn't. This table is used to manage the SEO rules, and mobile apps don't have such thing, so there's no need to keep the list of screens on the database.

But I would like to know a little more about what you're doing. We might come up with another solution to your problem.

Hi Leonardo,

I have a solution that can be access via web and mobile application.

I want to set a popup to be display, both on the website and in the mobile application, when login is successful.

When you click on the popup, the user is redirect to a previously defined page.

In the back office, a parameterization screen will be create for this purpose, where the user will choose among some definitions, which screen the popup will redirect.

Here is where my question comes in:

For each popup creation, I want to present a list of possible screens that the user can choose.

I could create a separate table, but every time a new screen was create / change / delete, I would have to parameterize the table.

In order not to have the task of parameterizing the table, my idea is to create a query that returns all the screens that were being use in the web and mobile application.

For web screens, the table I mentioned above solves the question.

Do you have any idea how I can get this information for the mobile screens?

Best regards.

Would all screens in your application be a valid target for the redirect on this popup? It seems to me that many screens would need mandatory input parameters, and other screens such as popups might leave the user without any menus and navigation.

I think a static entity with only the screens that really make sense for your users would be the best solution.

Another solution would be to let them choose any URL of your app - they would copy the URL of the screen they like, and paste it on your configuration screen.

For screens that require mandatory input parameters, I can work around the issue using the OSSYS_ESPACE_SCREEN_PARAM table, removing all screens that require input parameters.

As for the screens that are popups, I would still have to find a solution for them. :)

The solution of copy the URL of the screen they like and paste it on my configuration screen is a possibility, but only works for the web screens, since the mobile ones, an ordinary user can not know the destination url of the mobile screens. Also, the ordinary user could copy a url that contained input parameters and they would be embed in the link, which may occur situations where the user may be seeing incorrect information, should not have access, etc.

I think the best solution will be to create a static entity and parameterize the screens that the user can choose in the screen of parameterization of popups, and I have the burden of managing the static entity whenever there is a change to the screens.