Mobile Local Storage Maximum Database Size

Hi guys, 

Do you know what is the limit size of the Local Storage?

I know that it is SQL Lite. In the official document, it could be more than terabytes, of course a mobile it is unreal, but Do you know if Android, for exemplo apply a limit and what is this limit?

Hi Tiago,

Not sure, but I think the limit is based on the ammount of free storage you have.
And this will depend on where you are installing the application, as the database will be in the same place.

So, if you install in the internal storage, it will be your limit. If you install the application in an external card, there will be your limit.

In any case, at this point, you should keep your mobile storage "tight", with only the information required to the user to work with it.


Hi Tiago !

@Eduardo just said it all. It's just a matter of where will you install the application. I would suggest to user external since the internal can be small (in most of the cases) depending on your goals for this application,but keep in mind:

  1. Make use of the table indexes. Query's can be optimized by creating appropriate indexes.
  2. Make sure to delete all the data you don't really need and keep deleting records that are not used for a long period. 

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Diogo Romero

Thaks guys

Your comments were very useful.

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Tiago Vital

Romero wrote:

  1. Make use of the table indexes. Query's can be optimized by creating appropriate indexes.

I believe local storage you cannot create index... cmiiw

Notice testing mobile app in the Chrome browser there is also a quotation limit on the database. Although you can store quit a lot, we bumped into this and got an exception.