Hiding Content in a Column Web Pattern

Hi There

I am using the Web Patterns Structure/Columns 4 to show a Form with a collection of drop downs and input boxes.

I am surrounding the widgets in the content placeholders in If Blocks, to not show them if the content is blank.

This hides the element, but there is still a space.

(See screenshot)

There is still a large gap where there should be 2 rows of data. 

Any ideas what else I need to do?


Hi Edward,

Are you hiding using the display properties or with CSS?

Best Regards,

Diogo Romero


I'm using the Blue Diamond If Block to hide as I've been warned against doing it through the Display Block. Should I be using CSS display:none instead of the blue diamond?


Hi again Edward,

No that is not the issue. The problem is that you didn't used the containers to set how much space a widget would take in the screen. You problably just pressed enter when building the screen layout and by doing that you are generating <br> tag's on your source code. If you check your page source code you will see that you have <br> tag's there and if you remove them you will get the desired layout you wanted. 

So, just enclose in a container your widgets and make sure you have a label and its and its corresponding TextBox. Then according to your needs adjust the width of them (1col,2col,3col...).

By doing this instead of pressing enter in the layout, you will prevent the <br> tag's from being generated.

Hope it helped !

Best Regards,

Diogo Romero